Welcome to the PTCOG-NA 10th Annual Meeting in New York City! We extend our sincere thanks for your participation in making this event a reality.

We appreciate the diverse group of attendees, esteemed speakers, and valued sponsors who have joined us. Your collective efforts contribute significantly to the success of PTCOG-NA 2024, and we are thrilled to have you on board.

This conference serves as a pivotal hub for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration in particle therapy. The discussions, sessions, and networking opportunities are tailored to encourage practical insights and meaningful connections.

To our distinguished speakers, thank you for sharing your expertise and shaping the discourse. Your contributions are key to advancing proton therapy research and practice.  

A special acknowledgement to our sponsors – your support has been crucial in bringing this event to life. We are grateful for your commitment to pushing the boundaries of particle therapy. 

As you navigate the program, we encourage you to engage actively, share experiences, and build connections. Together, let's make strides in cancer treatment and research.

Thank you for being a part of the PTCOG-NA 10th Annual Meeting in New York. Here's to a productive and insightful conference!


PTCOG-NA Executive Committee
PTCOG-NA 10th Annual Meeting Local Host Committee



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