Seattle Destination Hub / Edgewater Hotel 

For those still travelling to Seattle or located locally, we would like to confirm plans and arrangements for the PTCOG-NA Destination Hub. The hub will be located at the Edgewater Hotel and available during the conference days September 18-20, 2021. We have arranged a meeting room so attendees can attend the virtual meeting together and interact during and after the program. Please familiarize yourself with the below relevant information:


  1. Hotel Address:

The Edgewater Hotel, 2411 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121.

Phone: 206 792 5959

  1. Program Time Zone:

As previously communicated the 7th PTCOG-NA Virtual Conference will now be held within the Central Daylight US time zone (GMT-5). Therefore, all times shown in the program are based on central times and each day officially starts at 9am central times. For those attending locally at the destination hub, do note the program will start at 7am local time and conclude by 1:15pm each day.

  1. Edgewater Hotel / PTCOG-NA Meeting Room:

The PTCOG-NA meeting will be held in the Cascade Room which is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. On arrival to the main lobby there will be an electronic reader board listing the day’s events and basic signage will be available to get to the room. Wi-Fi will be available onsite at the hotel.

  1. Non-Hotel Guests Attending the Destination Hub:
    The hotel is aware that some attendees will attend but not be staying at the Edgewater Hotel. Please simply make your way to the Cascade Room as noted above. 

  1. COVID-19 Health & Safety Regulations:

Please note guests are required to wear masks in all public spaces in Seattle. For additional information on the Seattle mask mandate, you can visit:

  1. Speakers & Moderators:

If you are presenting or moderating during the conference and attending the destination hub, be sure to bring your own pc, with a functioning video and microphone for Zoom. Depending on the total attendance to the hotel, there will be a place for speakers and or moderators within the Cascade meeting room, divided by a separation wall to avoid audio disturbance with the live stream for the audience on the other side of the wall. Alternatively, we will arrange a place in one of the hotel rooms. Please arrive with ample time to prepare your set up. Also note that all speakers and moderators are required to log into the Zoom meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of their session, regardless of their individual presentation starting time. Once again, all times included in the online program are in CDT.

  1. Social Program & Meals:

Please note that outside of the meeting room arrangements for virtual attendees, the PTCOG-NA Secretariat will not be involved in the organization of onsite meals and or social activities following the program. It is advised to have breakfast before arrival, and it is anticipated that the group will be able to share lunch and afternoon/evening activities together following the program. Plans are to be made onsite within the group of attendees.

If you have any additional questions, please contact or who will be available onsite. For those of you joining us we look forward to seeing you in Seattle.

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